Which bee suit to buy?

Today is a milestone

As I’ve connected with a local beekeeper, they’ve invited me to their apiary to have a look. I’m over the moon with this as I now get a real opportunity to see how this works in real life rather than just relying on books and videos.
It took me about three hours from being invited for the dawning realisation to hit me that I’d need some personal protective equipment (PPE) now, not next year. So the new question is, “Which bee suit to buy?”

Image copyright Swienty

So much choice!

There’s such a plethora of bee suits, smocks and jackets out there it’s hard to know where to begin. I do like the idea of just having a jacket or a smock, as it looks like it gives you a certain amount of freedom and a casual air, but you still have to protect your legs, and jeans are not good enough.

Back on topic, a lot of articles mention that once you become more experienced jackets and smocks might be the way to go and that beginners should always wear full bee suits. I am a complete beginner, so I’m very happy to get a bee suit! But which one?

Breaking it down

I looked at various options, from the cheap and nasty to the most expensive and have decided to buy the Swienty Breeze and here’s why:

  • It appears to have excellent reviews regarding its protective capability but also the comfort aspect. As you are wearing clothes as well as the bee suit it can get very hot and sweaty, I just want to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Some others appear bulky and have varying reviews, some look great but seem to wear quickly and are at a much cheaper price point. While that appears attractive, it might be a false economy.
  • I might as well go all in. There are more expensive suits that look great too but I just cannot justify that expense just yet.

Not spending enough

Having sorted out which suit to buy, I ordered direct from Swienty. Unfortunately, the order was rejected the next day as I was spending less than €250! I’d imagine this was something to do with Brexit.

“I’m sorry to inform, that your order 1XXXX cannot be sent, because your price range is too low. Because of the new rules, we recommend ordering for at least 250€, so there won’t be too high of expenses. We would recommend ordering from Payne’s Southdown Bee Farms Ltd, who has our breeze protective bee suit in stock.”

All in

The bee suit isn’t cheap but I think it will provide years of use. It’s also a milestone representing the decision to go all in and committing to this now. I placed the order with Paynes Southdown Bee Farms Ltd, so we shall see what that suit is like when it arrives. And then, I might be able to visit the local apiary!

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