Which bee suit to buy?

Today is a milestone As I’ve connected with a local beekeeper, they’ve invited me to their apiary to have a look. I’m over the moon with this as I now get a real opportunity to see how this works in real life rather than just relying on books and videos. It took me about three… Read More »Which bee suit to buy?

Photo of Flow Hive

Which hive should I get?

Hives I am so naïve. I thought there was only one type of hive, you know, the traditional one that you see in cartoons. But no, there’s at least twelve that I’ve seen so far and multiple variations of those. So, which hive should I get? How to choose a hive Bear in mind I… Read More »Which hive should I get?

Photo of honey

We’re going to be beekeepers!

Introduction Hey all. This is just a quick, introductory blog to let you know of our latest venture, beekeeping! Over the last few years we’ve had quite a few projects spinning like plates. Projects such as establishing Cuilidh self-catering, moving lock stock and barrel to Campbeltown, establishing Gowanlea Heights B&B, and so on. Now, we’re… Read More »We’re going to be beekeepers!