Photo showing frame assembly

Pepper pot

Second visit to my mentors apiary I took a logbook with me this time as I found I’d forgotten quite a bit on the last visit. The weather (as recorded) was bright, sunny with patches of mist in the distance that hadn’t quite burned off in the sun. It was a really nice day, temperature… Read More »Pepper pot

Photo of Flow Hive

Hive talkin’

Honey like cement I saw a few posts in various forums about forage, in particular heather and ivy, although oilseed rape was also mentioned too. The issue with all of these is how viscous the honey can be and what the risk level is of clogging the Flow Hive. Insert Angelic Choir here What do… Read More »Hive talkin’

Photo of the apiary site

The Apiary

A place for bees I need to “build” an apiary to house the hives but before we set out to do that, we had to check the requirements. The Apiary site What do the bees want? After much research I found that in terms of hives they’ll be quite happy anywhere. I know some of… Read More »The Apiary

Which bee suit to buy?

Today is a milestone As I’ve connected with a local beekeeper, they’ve invited me to their apiary to have a look. I’m over the moon with this as I now get a real opportunity to see how this works in real life rather than just relying on books and videos. It took me about three… Read More »Which bee suit to buy?

Good news and bad news

Good news I’ve made contact with a local beekeeper. He’s a really nice and helpful chap, with tons of experience! It’s recommended that when you start out you network with local beekeepers where possible. Not great news I don’t know about you, but I get excited with new projects and have an overly optimistic feeling… Read More »Good news and bad news

Photo of Flow Hive

Which hive should I get?

Hives I am so naïve. I thought there was only one type of hive, you know, the traditional one that you see in cartoons. But no, there’s at least twelve that I’ve seen so far and multiple variations of those. So, which hive should I get? How to choose a hive Bear in mind I… Read More »Which hive should I get?

Photo of a beehive

To bee or not to bee

Bees I just wanted to touch on the subject of bee breed and location. I’m really sorry for the dad joke too, it had to bee done.   Siting the bees As part of the whole “where do we put the hive” question, I learned that they need around 10 ft of clear space in… Read More »To bee or not to bee

Photo of honey

We’re going to be beekeepers!

Introduction Hey all. This is just a quick, introductory blog to let you know of our latest venture, beekeeping! Over the last few years we’ve had quite a few projects spinning like plates. Projects such as establishing Cuilidh self-catering, moving lock stock and barrel to Campbeltown, establishing Gowanlea Heights B&B, and so on. Now, we’re… Read More »We’re going to be beekeepers!