About Gowanlea Honey

All natural honey

No additives

All local forage

Local apiary

Gowanlea Honey made in Kintyre

Produce of Scotland

A local apiary

Based in Campbeltown, we’re contributing to the pollination of the local flora and all the benefits that brings. As well as making delicious local honey! 

We've got permission

Because our neighbours are fantastic, we can run our little hives and produce great honey for you.

Photo of Campbeltown from Ben Ghuilean
Photo of a group of beekeepers working together

Responsible beekeeping

As there is no local beekeepers association, we’re reaching out to other local beekeepers to ensure we’re following the best of modern good practice and age-old traditions.

It's official

We're registered on Beebase and members of the Scottish Beekeepers Association, and stringently follow best practices. Our priority is the care of our lovely, busy bees ensuring the quality of our final product.