Gowanlea Honey

Kintyre, kissed by the Gulf Stream

The Kintyre Peninsula is an excellent location with a mild climate thanks to the proximity of the Gulf Stream. There’s varied flora which is ideal for strong, healthy bees and flavourful honey.

Based in Campbeltown, our bees can forage on the luscious plants within the Wee Toon itself and range out up to five miles on a very good day, covering the immediate Kintyre countryside.

Shows the foraging range of our bees
Photo of Campbeltown from Ben Ghuilean

Follow our progress

Beekeeping needs quite a bit of planning (and learning). Follow our blog to catch up on our progress with our hobby.

We estimate that we’ll have some honey for guests, neighbours and possibly for sale in 2023.

Apiary construction
Apiary construction
Bee Installation
Bee installation
Hive set up
Hive set up
Colony Establishment
Apiary construction

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